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Nov 6 2020
It's a fundraiser for the Alzheimer's Association at "The Island" in Pigeon Forge, TN.
James will not sing!!....

....but he'll be there and they will play a recording of his song"The Alzheimer's Song/Find A Way"
across the whole area and they'll turn the Ferris Wheel and other parts PURPLE!
Since we didn't have enough time to put together our own team, you are welcome to join the Dollywood team if you'd like.
I'm including a link here.

Click on photo below to check it out and see the options for joining as well as more info:


Below you will see a note from James' Facebook.
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(JUST ADDED Oct. 30, 2020)



(Just updated 5/27/2020)

James has officially canceled ALL of his events for 2020 including the Country Tonite shows.
He will move forward later, when it is safe and can be done NORMALLY.
The Christmas show at the Colonnade has not been scheduled and that scheduling will
depend on how the Pandemic crisis pans out.
He is still very busy with working on online projects which sound very exciting!
We will certainly look forward to hearing more about that.
We will keep you all informed as new information is available.
Hang in there friends and fans!!





 Note From James

Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Hello, everybody"

I certainly hope that all of you are doing well during this unprecedented time...of course all of our worlds have been changed...
but hopefully it will all turn around soon and we can get back to doing some of the things we just enjoy doing...
There have been some inquiries about my future shows...
Well the truth is, I don't know... except to tell you this...
When I feel it is safe for all of us.... and we know that it is Okay with the government I will be willing to do my shows again.
However, because of how drastically our world has changed the existing schedule may be altered...
sooooo please check with my web site and/or with the venues of our upcoming events before traveling to,
and making hotels reservations, buying plane tickets...
you know just all of the preparations you sometimes have to do in order to see me perform.
We will keep you updated right here on our FRIENDS OF JAMES ROGERS website so there will be as little confusion as possible...
Let me close this message by saying...
I believe we will get through this and we will be stronger for having faced it.
Also I know that I have the greatest fans/friends club ever and
I feel so blessed everyday having you in my life...
my prayers for our country and you are that we get passed this soon and you all stay healthy ....
until then I will miss you.
"you gotta be strong to travel alone though the sky...so ... Fly Eagle Fly..."






Photos coming soon!!



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